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g-guys this means maya is rendering, right. i've never done a render as big as this, i've done like 3 renders total, and there's 4 lights in this one and i set mental ray to max quality for a 1080p render.

but render view screen is still all blue, nothing has changed, it says rendering and the minimize/maximize/close buttons are faded out , i can't click them.

is this supposed to take forever? i'm worried because i did some stuff between saving and pressing render.
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do these boxes mean that it's actually doing something? it says the maya process is not responding but i'm starting to see white boxes
Maxed out as in 80,000 AA samples?

i don't know. i just slid everything to the end of the bar on the render settings window and clicked anything that sounded fancy.

eventually i had like 6 boxes, but it was all fucky, for some reason in the viewport the lighting looked really really dim, but when i went to render, it was so bright all the color was flushed out, and then went i closed it and opened it again, i realized that the OP image i posted was actually the texture i had on some of the walls, so the original image of this thread had become the fucking texture - when i took screenshots i just dropped them into the open paint window i had where i had trimmed the texture, and saved. fucking
Good fucking job Anon
Can you just take literally two seconds to Google up fucking Maya's manual before trying to crank everything up to what "sounds fancy"?

>is this supposed to take forever?
No we have keyshot now

I can't tell if some of you guys are serious anymore. Youtube exists, Push-button tier software is everywhere now

the fuck?

the fuck are you even talking about


how was i supposed to know that fancy didn't equal better?

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