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does catia work the same way as solidworks?

does it have the same user interface?
kill yourself.
This is some reddit tier humor you guys got going in here, the guy asked a simple question.
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I see you are new here
Here is your answer
catia seems like the most complicated software ever.

solidworks is supposed to be intuitive' so go figure.
What I don't understand is why people think making stupid replies is a contribution.

best answer so far
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If you get solidworks but not catia then you're really not much of an engineer/designer.

They're both CAD. Given, catia does have a horrible french infographic GUI and will take a day to learn.
we obviously don't you fucking turbotard
then why fucking bother?
this thread is shit so it's met with shitposting.
>does catia work the same way as solidworks?
google some tutorials or rtfm.
>does it have the same user interface?
again just google that shit.
As someone who's worked with both:

They're pretty similar in how your workflow will be with them. The biggest issues with CATIA are that it'll take you a lot of time to figure out where some features are hidden. The UI is somewhat a pain (and they reworked the whole thing into CATIA v6).

Additionally, CATIA features are very much split up into different workbenches. The most often used would be generic shape design, part design and product design. With those you'll be able to do most simple shape working.

However, the big thing with CATIA is that it's very production-oriented. There are toolboxes for sheetmetal design, tubing, cables, etc.

They have somewhat different movement mechanics. Biggest, and most surprising difference is that zooming works oppositely in both programs. You're both owned by the same company guys, what the fuck.
will imported models from solidworks keep their dimensions?
Neither software package is able to read the native model files of the other. However, both can save and import step files so if you just want to use a model from one in the other you're fine.

However, those models will be dumb solids of course, they won't conserve the feature list from the other program.

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