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Hey /3/, i came here from /gd/ and have a couple of questions:

Friends of mine own a 3D-Printing company. They come to me with several requests to do some stuff for them in SolidWorks. But now they need a 3D model of a human head (a real human, which i have photos from different angles) and i have never done this before.
So my questions are:
Can you recommend a software to model it(I've looked through several ones and also through the sticky but im not sure which one is the best in terms of user friendliness since I come from a more technical approach than an artistical one)
How much work afford is it approximately( it doesnt have to be very much detailed, approximately pic related, please consider im new to this, and for example take the software Blender)
Do someone know a reliable site where it can be outsourced and how much it would cost approximately?

Thanks in advance
OP here again with an edit:

It needs to be finished approximately until 7th January
get blender (free) and make human (free). Make a human and import it into blender as a base. Then you can sculpt your head the way you want (or not at all) and delete unnecessary faces of the rest of the body. Ask your friends what kind of file format their printer takes and export from blender.
Thx for the quick answer. I will get Blender and try my best
if is ur first time get something like facegen of something like that, is not for riggin so the topology doesn't matter
u can't do it in Blender without lot of practice
The model is only as good as you can sculpt it. Depending on what printer you have and the quality of it. It might come out terrible looking with a bunch of extra strings of plastic. It's hard to explain. But when you first print it off it will be messy
or download DAZ studio for free, export one of their very detailed models as an .obj and ur done

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