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Is this laptop overkill for 3D design?


There's another one with 2 GTX 1080s as well:

what do you mean by 3d design? there are many aspects to 3d

and yeah its an overkill
rhino,sketchup,lightwave,photoshop - lowrange to midrange will do

maya,max,blender,unity,3dcoat etc - midrange to highrange

zbrush,mudbox,marvelous designer,substance designer,nuke,houdini, rendering animation - high end
No such thing as overkill, when it comes to billions of poligons, gigabytes of textures, thousands of lights etc.
But prices for laptops is way overkill. For this amount of money you can build way more powerful machine.
1080 also doesn't give so much power above 1070 for the price.

I do mostly modelling, but some materials and textures.

Not too much animation though.

I know I can build a home-rig for less, but I need something more mobile so I was looking into laptops.

The problem I'm running into is that none of the custom laptop manufacturers use more than 8GB for their video cards and I want something that will last, rather than having to upgrade in another 3-4 years.

Upgrading in four years is probably a best case scenario
>he wants 16GB of vram on laptop
nigga why even
Whatever you get, make sure that the graphics card are all on MXM modules and not soldered on.
Alienware 13. Its a directx processor (autodesk) Its the equiv of a dell w/station quad chip which is hpgl (solidwrks)
Do NOT buy a premade computer, you will be throwing your money into the trash. Instead, you should research for at least two weeks and no less and then build a tower based on your acquired knowledge.

Your CPU and GPU will be the two most important pieces of hardware in the computer with your RAM coming in second and the rest coming after.
msi makes good stuff

laptop for 3d design is overwhelmingly stupid. overwhelmingly.

get a HP 7840 or something.

problem is 3d design don't tell us anything

he needs to say specifically for what he needs it
I hope you realize laptops cost 2 times or more than desktops of similar performance
And you can run splashtop on desktop and stream video to some shitty netbook

i don't think so, basically you need lots of compute , and a decent amount of RAM for rendering, and preferably a quadro for the partner certified drivers. as far as i'm aware almost all 3D design and rendering software is going to scale pretty much with as many cores as you can give it, i have 32 cores and Maya, 3DS, unreal engine, inventor, even revit, as well as all adobe products and plugins, use every core evenly. 16gb should probably be enough ram unless you're rendering video, aftereffects uses a solid 58 gigabytes of RAM during render.
Basically, fuck Laptops and Tablets and build your own damn computer.

Laptops are always 5 years behind, thanks to the minitrization of high performance components taking 5 years. Tablets even worst.

If you wanted to stay up to date, then buy the latest components needed to create the best desktop, but make sure that it can be upgrade it with future components down the line. It will save you time, resources, and money to have a viable desktop to deal with the kind of workload you plan on doing in the future.
It good for gaming and game design, but that's it.

If you're looking for high end rendering, build your own damn desktop.
For 4k i think you can do much better, but because you have no idea what your doing i don't think it matters what machine you get.
>but I need something more mobile so I was looking into laptops.

Idiots ITT recommending desktops.
>Laptops are always 5 years behind

Then why is OP looking at laptops with 1080s in them?
They won't be slim as a macbook air but todays laptops can match most desktops that aren't workstations it you are willing to pay at least twice as much for the same power
>>Laptops are always 5 years behind
How well does this work?

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