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File: Sketchfab.jpg (14 KB, 280x260)
14 KB
Post your work on sketchfab stuff and answer questions about it / generally chat.

anime is for cucks

feedback my textures boys

I like it, textures done with substance painter?
neat stuff and ye
Really well done, the "flatness" of the green painted metal kinda bothers me but I'll admit there's not much to do with it as that kind of material is really flat in references too.

One thing I did notice is that the paint on these boxes seems to be a lot more matte than the gloss values you used.
>heavy duty mechanical arms
>legs are basically metal socks

luckily he has a jetpack, without it he would fall off balance
im gonna hit it one time and one time only.
you seem genuinely disinterested at 3D, shows in your work.
i gotta ask, if you don't like doing it then why bother? go find yourself a different hobby.
and while your at it, don't hang in places where you are not liked. please do us a favor and buzz off
whoops meant for the guy above you
jelly much :^)
thanks man, you're definitely right about the flatness. I wanted to sculpt some kinks and dents like the reference into the high poly mesh,but I was under a deadline. I definitely need to get out of my comfort zone in that aspect.
About the glossiness, yeah I guess I wanted to show off the dirt and grime a bit. It's easy to overdo because it supposedly looks more "realistic". Will look out for that in the future.

fucking hell you made my heart skip a beat.
What makes you think that anon is disinterested in 3D?
he is generally an asshole, not in the context of this thread however.

as for your work, nice polish on your assets. the only thing that disappointed me was that you used 2k textures and i didn't get to see the detail in full glory
lol, if i was an asshole to you its most likely because you are retard or tim

kys tim
there is a general consensus you are an asshole. you pick fights with everyone and give shallow stupid comments.
usually you should have leverage when are being an asshole but you don't even have that going for you.
I better learn some substance painter cause I can't texture for shit.

"I better learn some acrylics cause I can't paint for shit."

Substance painter is a tool, fool.
That texturing doesn't look bad, the materials just aren't realistic.
top kek!

you think I don give two shits if i hurt your feelings?

Thats where you are wrong kiddo.
*finger guns*

looks great, like >>545866 said the textures have that hand painted feel to them rather than being realistic, kinda like mgs3 or peacwalker.
nah im just telling you to look at your work before opening your greasy mouth
my work is fine :^)

can I see yours mr grand artisto?
>my work is fine

according to yourself? please stop talking
your work is as good as your personality
sure buckaroos sure :^)
also wheres your work m8s?
care to share with the rest of the class?
i don't want to embarrass you just to make a point.
also >muh childish baits
top kek
more like you'd be shut down because you have worthless work.
worthless work by a worthless person :^)
your work is objectively shit, no need for point of comparison.
just suck it up and move on.
lol many people would say other wise

so we are going to agree your work is trash and you are inturn trash aswell :^)
just uploaded my last sculpture in zbrush

something made in blender https://sketchfab.com/models/941b0479fa734d25b9b1c57d0e727fa9
Just found out my phone can open sketchfab. Hooy shit.
it's pretty good, but the back of the head is not proportionate, and the pose is a little wonky.

Been hand-painting my shit, I really need to get into PBRs
i would recommend u to simply paint stuff by hand and avoid normal work.
it would improve ur texturing skills no matter what style you intend on doing
I haven't decided on textures yet.
Meh. Should upload the animated version.
File: Make america gay again.jpg (70 KB, 1061x895)
70 KB
So a mod appeared and started to add Age+ in all of my girls.
NO NUDES, they´re all in bikinis.
He didn´t gave a peep to the boy and old man models who had their underwear showing.
And people wonder why so many man turn fucking GAY.
desu i wouldn't be surprised if the sketchfab mod age-restricted it so fewer people would have to look at that utter garbage
based mod
Post work and show how it´s done.
Oh right...

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