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Is the 3D industry pay to win?? For example, if you cant buy (and dont want pirate) Maya or zbrush or substance painter or whatever, and you want to work in this industry, you will need a free software like Blender.

The thing is, can actually someone make money only with Blender? Making those incredible renders and texture shaders for free? Who wants to hire a blender artist? Who wants to buy blender assets? How far can a Blender user go? What are the chances that a blender user get hired and learn legally another Software?

If you keep using free softwares, will you be always being smashed by the paid high tech softwares? So how can one actually make it? Luck?

A lot of people sucks using pirated softwares, now imagine using the free limited ones...
just blender alone?

sadly no.
i mean there are very few cases where you can make money just with blender and that is creating handpainted textures or fully rigged characters that aren't half bad.
you can't really texture properly or sculpt with blender. however - if you make the best use of it you will make it.
i personally seen artists that do it.
i think for open source stuff most people make money selling services instead of goods. think redhat support vs selling the code/software



this is the type of stuff you could.
again,not bad but not fantastic by any means.

I see. Its a cool model. I know that Blender can be a powerfull free tool, but i think its really hard to newbies get a 3D job nowadays, with so much professionals using paid stuff. I wonder how people do survive with only free softwares... especially the noob ones
most people can't find work in the field, its just how it is.
you would be surprised how many quality films/games were made with open source tools

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