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this has probably been asked 1000 times but what are even the real chances of getting caught for yo-ho-hoing a software?

from what i heard its not worth the time, the money or the effort for company's, especially small company's that have less than 50 employees to go after people. I heard company's only go after other company's that have their software installed on a bunch of computer and are making money off it, and even than they only do it after they get a tip about it.
People are trolling when they say there's no risk involved. If you wonder why the board is so slow right now that's because they cracked down on a lot of pirates just a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky to get away with a $3000 fine but some of my friends from /3/ got sent to prison.

Are companies hiring PSYOPS now or something? Get out of here.
No. All they did was to check the members list on cgpeers and then they wiped us out you fucking idiot.

my dad went to prison for 2 life sentences for pirating the original softimage in 1996

p.s. trolling aside, that shit use to be like 80,000$ so this could happen lol
If you're just going to troll rather than informing OP of the situation then I think you can fuck off right back to r*ddit you son of a bitch.
realistically the only you can get arrested is if you have a registered company and the government is doing a surprise check in your home/office.

and if you are using a student version and sell your model. the third would be selling trademarked characters and concepts.
>t. ADOBEDESK employee
It's very simple OP.
Most propably you won't be caught. But if once you catch attention of one of the head hunters, they will target you. In the end you'd be kindly asked to pay the double compensation of losses in sales plus costs of the proceedings plus lawyers' fees etc. If you pay, everything would be fine except that your name would be recorded for the databank of pirates.
But if you don't pay, jail-time. Highclass anal sex with muscular black male sex monsters day and night for at least seven months. I don't know if the relatively small chance of HIV infection is worth it or not. You should deside for yourself.
And don't forget, there's always Blender
The way you get caught is someone rats you out. It's usually disgruntled employees ratting out their boss.

You'll never get caught with pirated software on your home computer once it's downloaded. If someone asks you if it's legit just say, "yeah, shit be expensive, yo"
i actually know a personal case where someone company was checked several times a year.

i don't want to scare anyone because its unlikely you will get caught at the comfort of your home.
If you make a (solid) profit and you'll use pirated soft you step over the line and they will try to get you.
A company with 50 people who use pirated software is not really small.
Unless said company is in India or Russia where the long arm of the US copyright law doesn't reach, it might be dangerous.
Not really jailtime ass-raping dangerous, but fuck i am in serious debt-dangerous.
It also might destroy your reputation.
3d scene is small.

If you don't have any visible income from creative endevours, they will not put effort/money into it.
You might damage them by not paying for the license, but since you don't create income they can't demand much more than the price for the software.
Autodesk doesn't care. Maxon doesn't care.
The Foundry does and they can get pretty ugly and aggressive, but even they leave single persons with no income alone.
But install a cracked license server and Foundry software on more than 1-3 machines and they will assume you're in for profit and try to get to you.

Here is the solution:
You can have as many pirated software on your renderfarm (doesn't matter how big) IF these workstatione never have access to the internet.
Unless someone rats you out, there is no evidence.
If they don't get your IP's and Mac adresses they can never prove it.
sounds like autodesk
>If you don't have any visible income from creative endevours, they will not put effort/money into it.

Bullshit. I've gotten in trouble for using pirated software and I wasn't making any money off it. It's one of the things that drove me to start using Blender.

He got an email from Comcast and they said "stop pirating". He obeys the law like an upstanding citizen now.
>he fantasizes about being raped by niggers
Found the swede everyone
top kek. They dont send emails like that comrade
they send shitty techs to "fix" your internet
I'd rather do time than work with this POS Program.

Yes they do i got one when i was entrapped into torrenting skyrim by someone. Ever heard of "wal-mart" cracks? Neither had i.


They sent a letter too. But you can get 5-6 of those before they do shit.

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