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File: poo wallpaper.png (527 KB, 640x480)
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527 KB PNG
So I made a little animation:


OK so how can i make it look more like 1998 (ignore the VHS effect, that's done in post)?

This is what I covered already

- Made sure textures are no bigger than 512x512 with 256 colors (default Windows palette)
- MIP mapping
- Anti-alias turned off
- Low poly (no shit)

Using Cinema 4D R17 (in b4 git sth better, I am definitely not a CGI artist, this thing is just a joke, presumably). General critique welcome, but not necessary, as I am not going to put much more effort into this crude piece of CGI sarcasm.
Pretty good. But you also need to animate it like the 90's. Low fps, low amount of keyframes. Shit like that I think.
You should buy a really old workstation from the 90s to get the effect.
This feels like it's from a video game or show from the 90s- early 2000s. Like Kablam or something.
Like the main idea of it.

It'd feel right at home with that type of humor.
Switch your keyframes to linear instead of spline, also less movement overall and it'll look pretty amazingly shitty.
File: 1453171079763.gif (3.6 MB, 1000x755)
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3.6 MB GIF
This is gold. WTF!?

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