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File: screenshot.png (96 KB, 1366x705)
96 KB
>display inverted normals in viewport blender
>get outline
>get black silhouette

can blender only hide faces with inverted normals in the viewport? I've tried Z masking but it hides the object behind also.
>"2D shader"
2D shit from 3D always looks pig disgusting.

especially when going for a traditional animu look using 3D software.
literal cancer by the first reply
post cancer thread; receive cancer replies
You're doing something wrong, I forget what though.
But really you should learn Freestyle, it's extremely powerful (which is also what makes it difficult to use / learn )
Maya doesn't have this problem.
it's a bummer ikno. I'm stillhere using blender trying to find out how to make the rendering engine omit normals facing away from the camera. really irritating actually.
i'm not even done with the model to be honest, but the normal issue is bigger for me right now.
File: Nodes.png (44 KB, 474x374)
44 KB
Turn on transparency for the outline material.
Enable nodes and do this.

Note that this only works if your underlying material is shadeless. If it is shaded by a light source, the outline geometry will still block light causing it to remain unlit. There may be some shadow or lighting option that fixes this, I can't remember.
Scratch that last part, I checked and it will work fine with lights.

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