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File: Zbrush_speedsculpt.jpg (80 KB, 1945x1392)
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How the hell some people start their sculpt already so freaking smooth?

If I do the same the smooth brush gets way too weak for bigger changes and the model gets all lumpy, unless I use hpolish brush, but doesn't seem they are using it since everything is always round and smooth from start to finish.
Use clay based brushes to build up form, the smooth brush stays pretty effective on them even on higher resolutions.

I never sculpt like this for the blobby reasons you mentioned. I always start with a z sphere base and work up through the subdivisions.
Easy:they don't, its bad practice

Start with low polygons, work on it until you're satisfied, divide, work again until youre satisfied, divide, etc etc
You are watching an zbrush undo replay not a speed up processes
Dot get fooled by how it looks here, it only jumps between final mesh changes skipping most of the process

And yes, this is how zbrush smooth works for everybody
I wouldn't recommend it, but It is possible.

Official Zbrush Core tutorial in real time:
File: aa.png (528 KB, 2116x1364)
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528 KB PNG
Guys, I fucked up some AA setting or something in zbrush. How do I get it back to normal and smooth?
Oh yeah i had this problem, you have to delete system32 and install zbrush onto the gpu for maximum graphics power

Good luck

Document resolution

Some times I start high other times I start low. I can get the end result either way and with the same time going either route.

8 years of practice will do that to you.

I just now noticed I start high with humans and low with creatures. I don't know why. Could be force of habit now.
Thanks gonna start now!
Yeah, it seems like starting on higher resolutions is less forgiving, so you really need to know what you're doing instead of just keep messing around until it looks good.

I wish I was good enough to do that because I really prefere clean workflows.

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