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What 3d program is best for what?

Just starting to get serious about CG and of course am using blender cause it's free. I have experience with Maya because I took a class with it, but I want to know where the pitfalls of these programs are. When is it bad to use blender, maya, zbrush, other. And when is it good?
Any popular program can handle all 3D tasks ok. I'd say in your situation to use Maya though- you shouldn't have any problems with it in regards to compatibility.
>And when is it good?

When the studio / class / collaborative project requires it.

They're all basically the same, the only pitfalls with Blender is that you can't just push the 'render' button and get a good result, you need to actually know what you're doing and set things up.

It's why most shit looks awful in Blender, people just use the default lighting, the default materials, the default render settings, AND are beginners with poor topology, poor understanding of composition, poor understanding of color theory.

Add all that together and you end up with garbage, but that's not Blender's fault.
Just stick with Blender. They all do mostly the same stuff.

I've only used C4D and Blender thus far, and I prefer Blender.
blender doesn't let you adjust the skin weights of individual vertices

3ds max > maya > rest > blender
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What are you talking about? Please stop talking.
well ok but blender doesn't have sculpting tools

zbrush >>>>>>blender
> blender
Actually dead last is Animation Master
Don't they have add-ons for that
>go to hash.com
>see same wonky art from 10-15 years ago
How are they still around selling software? Is it a cult or something?

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