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File: uv_checker large.png (479 KB, 1024x1024)
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Any good tutorials on UV Mapping in Maya or Headus UVLayout? Can't find anything recent or one that goes through the whole process properly.
File: 1442549972554.jpg (122 KB, 640x640)
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Bump, I need this too OP

After looking at some of the stuff here, I feel like my UV's are complete dog shit.
>pic related?
I mean all UV mapping really is is spreading out an even texture with even pixel density across your model. It's really dependent on your model and what you want to get out of your map. Do you want stuff like where to put seams? or what?
all UV mapping is the same, whenever its blender or maya or UVlayout

you should only unwrap with seams, cylinder unwrap applies to any shape or form in 3D. you need to practice.
i know its frustrating and you have to adjust alot of shit but that's the way it is.
Pretty much. I understand the basic idea of it and the end goal. Just looking for tutorials on how to reach that end goal as best as possible.
So where to place seams, cutting, unfolding, scaling and etc I'm not 100% on and when to do those things. Just looking for any good tutorials on UV mapping overall.
i don't know what program you use but this apply to maya as well

I use Maya but as others have said the end goal is the same for UV mapping so the program they use in the tutorial shouldn't matter. I'll check out the videos.
I don't know how standard this approach is, but I watched a video where a guy textured a cartoony castle in Blender by creating individual materials and lazily using Generated coordinate textures all over it and then he was able to bake all of these separate textures into one master UV texture for the entire castle. It seemed legit to me.

Do you have you portfolio available publicly? I'm going to create one and want to see what they expect.
sounds like a terrible method
he must have gone through hoops
If anyone else has any good tutorials on UV mapping it would be appreciated!

There's plenty on youtube. There really is no secret to UV'ing, just repetition. On the surface, it's one of the more abstract aspects of 3D, but once you get it, you'll make fast progress.

Picture a paper-mache coffee mug. You need to cut it apart to lay it on a piece of paper, flat. Where would you make the cuts? That's UV mapping.
I found a nice trick for unwrapping really complex shapes, the tip i found on blender stack exchange but i believe it can be applied with other 3d tools .

it's basically using shapekeys to flatten the model and unwrapping it with the "project from view" :

Once you figure out where to place seams well, UV mapping becomes an absolute breeze.
>There's plenty on youtube.

That's helpful but moving forward isn't this the kind of thing that the board sticky would benefit from having a list of? Not begging the question, I'm asking.
That sounds like a lot of extra work.
in what way do you flatten the mesh?
If you just push the vertices together on one axis you are doing the same thing what project from view does.
Please elaborate.
you know what? i have an idea.
anyone that have problems with UV mapping in this thread post your wire and ill try to mark the seams with photoshop for you to understand the process.
you can come to discord too, it would be easier this way
What's the discord?
Papercraft. Do some, it's the same concept, in reverse mostly.

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