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how can you actually light a scene well in UE4 when you're not allowed to have more than like 3 lights near each other at a time?

I have a lot of lighting experience in vray and maya and from experience for a say small scify scene i might need as much as 80 lights even if the concept art shows 2 lights in the scene.

I got EU4 last night, tried to light this 1 scene and everything went to shit cuz i cant put more than 3 lights in one place, and as far as i know there are no salable rectangle lights that i can just point in places to get sharp highlights, just a spotlight with a cone.
helper lights yes
you need to create light from emissive sources
you mean geometry with emissive materials on it?
well i think you have the option of emission influencing nearby objects i just forget where that is. im not entirely sure.
im gonna watch a tutorial on lightning soon

File: f5ffdd36d7[1].png (484 KB, 964x426)
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so apperantly. if you just set your light to static, you can have as many lights as your hear desires.

but still. anyone know how i can make emissive objects cast light?
Remember you can bake lighting results onto your textures to save on resources, especially with static environments.
What????? How?
it won't look tho, unless you entire style is based on that
or your game is literally mobile tier
Actually prebaked static lighting is the best quality lighting you can achieve in a game engine, you just don't know what you're talking about.
Just look into static lighting, you'll need an additional set of UV maps called lightmaps to store the precalculated lighting.
what you mean same as UT2004 baked lightning?

I think you need to do some tutorials and read the documentation because it's obvious as hell that you have no idea what the fuck to do in UE4.
>it's obvious as hell that you have no idea what the fuck to do in UE4.

>I got EU4 last night

What, polygons and textures?
You mean like Mario 64?
not him but i don't agree with your statement, mainly because static lighting will look jarring the moment a moveable object traverses the scene, like a deer in a forest or a person in a room, due to the fact that light isn't going to interact with those models. you'd still need stationary lights which defeats the purpose of baking light maps.
no, when the lightning information is baked on the texture.
like when bake a full render
Either make an emmissive map in a texturing program or add a constant to the emmissive channel in the ue4 material editor
There are 3 types of light in UE4
Prebaked only, no dynamic lighting / shadowing, no changing light parameters at runtime.

Combination of prebaked & dynamic. Some light info can be prebaked (shadows / bounces) but will also light & shadow dynamic objects. Light brightness & colour can be changed at runtime.

All lighting & shadowing calculated at runtime. Light can be moved & rotated. All parameters can be altered on the fly.
File: 1444508340702.jpg (50 KB, 500x281)
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> lightning information
> lightning
He's talking about baking the light to a texture, do you not know what baking is? If you set up, say, a red light next to the model, then render, then baked, the red lighting will be added to the texture.

Don't mock others when you clearly don't understand things yourself.
not that guy but he was quoting his spelling of lighting as 'lightning'
That's was baked light samples are for. Basically a "voxel lightmap".

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