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File: crystal dice.png (410 KB, 480x480)
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Hey /3/, Im sure this is frowned upon and I fully expect to get stoned to death for asking, but is there any way somebody could throw together an STL for me? I want some Crystal D6's because Im a fucking dork, and I have a 3D printer. However, my modeling chops (and free software) are not up to the task of modeling these types of shapes. That said, I suspect that for someone who's even moderately experienced this would take less than ten minutes.

Before anybody asks, I did look online for a preexisting model, and I did find one but it wont download.

I dont have much to offer in the way of payment, unless you need help learning statistics or applied genetics (again, because Im a dork), but I guess I could buy you a Steam game or something.
There you go:
It took like a lazy 15 minutes.
Simple, beveled, and one with carved numbers too. (But with Comic sans, cue evil laughter).
It's about 4m high, so scale accordingly.

Blew a couple of buck on some charity in exchange.
File: dice.png (776 KB, 960x540)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
Also: Merry Tannenbaum
And admittedly, the numbers are carved with boolean, so not the cleanest mesh, but hey!
Thanks a jillion. Any way you can throw a different font on there? Maybe Mason if you've got it in whatever program you're using? Id really appreciate it. Im prototyping a boardgame and Id rather it look as close to the final product as possible for my investors.
is there any situation where booleans are a good idea?
When surface geometry doesn't matter.

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