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/3/ would you be pissed if i commissioned you to build a character model for me and sold it on TurboSquid?
When I do commissions I'll usually attach a license to it. Generally that means they can use the artwork in commercial works, but that's not the same as selling intellectual property. Selling the model directly would be illegal in this case.
Is your reasoning personal or business related knowing they could make back their money from selling the asset?
It's pretty uncommon to outright sell IPs.

If you commission an artist to create a soundtrack for your game, they'll also retain rights to the music they made. If they want to sell the soundtrack separately they have to pay royalties to the artists.

You'll have exceptions where the artists are employed directly by the company but that's pretty rare. If you want to be a content mill to sell assets on Turbosquid you need to create your own company and actually hire the people rather than contract/commission them, but at that point you might as well sell assets directly rather than through Turbosquid.
IP freely
How is IP established for some artist taking commissions?
How would he argue the point, "Hey i made that!", That's it? I paid him to make that for me, No reason regarding the use was ever established.
No you fucking retard, you write a contract and have the other party sign it before you sell them your work.
You've never done commission work have you?
You've never commissioned anything from anyone have you?
Of course I have. And i always make sure the paperwork is in order to prevent any rubbish like this.
The answer is never going to be "Hey i made that!"
it's going to be, "here's the documentation and the files that prove i made that. And here's the contract signed by both parties explicitly stating that i own the rights to the IP."
This is basic shit. You're an amateur or a retard.
>You're an amateur

Prove you're a pro, Post your work.

Contracts are done by artists who already have llc' etc already set up, Everyone else just takes the money and does what they're asked to do.
That gap goes closer to the top of available artists than you might think to say what you've said.

Couldn't I just cut out the middle man.
>Everyone else just takes the money and does what they're asked to do.

Well I sure as hell don't and I don't have an LLC.

You're an idiot if you're not selling your work under a license, end of story. All it takes is giving the receiving party exclusive, NON-TRANSFERABLE rights to use your content. No company out there is going to complain about that.

The only people who complain about how IPs are handled are people with zero experience in the industry.
Thats why when i make models, i count work-hours * my usual rate, and i do not give a fuck what you do with that model. Thats why makind an AAA weapon takes 40-50hours * 45usd, and if you want to sell it on asset store for 15 bucks, its your choice.
I value my time, not the ideas behing the work i do.
Post some work to make replying worth our time.

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