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Just found out that the company I wanted to work at doesn't want me. A week ago I applied with high hopes. How do I move on? When is it safe to apply again? Currently I'm neet.
When you're applying for jobs, apply everywhere. Don't get hung up on one single job. I've gotten one job out of 20 applications on average.

Apply again if they have another job opening. For the same job opening try again in a few months (4-6 months).
how do i write coverletters to these game companies when i dont have time or money to play any games because of my neet status?
you should ask them why you were rejected; worst case scenario is they don't offer a critique. you should also study their showreels/galleries or whatever of their past work and compare it to your own.
pirate them?

*curious, What did you apply for? Also what are you good at atm?
tech art. I'm decent at tech art.
>company posts job
>20 applicants in the first day
>the person who has a stable job applies too

lie about my skill or their game being the tits

And here comes Mr. Gay Pride of the upper west side himself. Unfortunately, this is not a Bette Midler concert, we will not be serving cosmopolitans and baked alaska, so just model better than you give fucking hand jobs, will you please? Decent isn't going to cut it.
I posted my reel here and got no replies. I figure thats neither good nor bad.
No that just means nobody is willing to spend the time to answer you.
on other forum i got multiple comments, likes and subs on youtube / github

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