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Not really sure where to ask about this, but im using autocad 2017 and need a little help. It's pretty simple, im trying to use the solidedit command to shell out this 3d object with a half in wall left and im doing it correctly, but it wont shell it and says "body to be hollowed has more than one shell". any help or suggestions is appreciated. Ive tried googling but none of the solutions ive found pertain to what im doing.
Just use blender. It's free.
they don't serve the same purpose
>>544919 autocad is superior, don't listen to him. I don't really understand your question, but try to work with a different object type, like mesh or surfaces?
You're using the wrong program, try SolidWorks or Inventor.
this, leave autocade for 2d
Blender can output to a number of CAD formats.

No. Use Blender, it's free.
Don't make me laugh, I love blender, but it's not for any kind of precise modelling, it's an artistical modelling tool, not an engineering one. Even the most sophisticated modelling applications that have even the most sophisticated boolean polygon functions just get outright destroyed compared to parasolids. And when you want to build real world items from models/drawings that's when artistical modelling applications will just die out as they are unable to do so. 3d apps just don't have a tool library, welding functions, sheetmetal functions, molding functions.
Let's just see that hopper that he's making as an example, let's say we want to build it from metal, there are 3 ways to do it, via sheetmetal plus welding, via material removal and via molding, obviously the latter 2 are too expensive to do in the real world.
How will you accomplish that with blender? How will you make the unfolded piece, how will you tell us where to bend it with what knives?
he is probably joking.
i do know that blender have cad plugin however
but at this point its better using freecad than blender.

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