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Is there a way to rip a model created from this website: https://www.heroforge.com/

so I can 3d print for free?

>inb4 just buy it
I'm broke pls
bump please
get a job you lib cuck
It would literally cost you less money to just buy it.
The site uses WebGL, and WebGL uses .json models.
So figure out which file is the model (model json files are different from .js graphics libraries, so you'll also have to figure out which is which, too)
Then you'll have to convert the json model into something readable by normal programs, like .obj or .fbx.
After that, you adjust the model to be printable by your 3d printer. I have no idea which machine you have, nor do I care, so you figure that out yourself, too.

There, you now know exactly what to do, but not how. You'll have to figure that out yourself.

OR, to save the time and effort, just buy the damn thing already. Can't be that much cheaper than printing it yourself - after all, resin is expensive.
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>so I can 3d print for free?
I work with the kind of 3D printers you're likely to have access to, and those models will look like shit and break.

HF knows what they're doing and will print it stronger and at higher density that you can.

Stop being a cheap jew and buy their figures.

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