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File: the_last_of_the_leaves.jpg (809 KB, 1521x1920)
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ITT we establish the S/N ratio of /3/

There's probably few other internet communities with such a vast disparity between its most productive and valuable members and... children who are going to grow up to be among the most useless human beings on the planet.

On here - you could make a request for help which has the potential to be answered by:

A: a professional (or at least very capable amateur about to turn pro, who at least knows the artist responsible for pic related) who dissects the problem, before coming up with an elegant, useful solution


B: An individual in his mid/late teens who has a folder on his machine full of different versions of that stupid frog picture and who uses the word 'nigger' in the way old telegrams used the word 'stop'. Or, the kind of person who seriously tells you that your choice of hard drive is going to cause a bottleneck in processor throughput.


This thread may or may not give an indication of the level of type A posters to type B posters - because the Bs will reply to this thread with a picture of Donald Trump grinning or something, and a comment about my sexuality.

The type A posters will probably not reply unforthunately, but if you wouldn't mind, could you just say something like 'hey OP - type A here' just so we can get a rough headcount.

Carry on.
TBC: to be type A, you needn't be a pro or even very good - you just have to be someone who doesn't shitpost I guess.
File: hrc.jpg (73 KB, 1009x630)
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Can you keep your autism contained, please? /3/ is a very slow board and many of the professionals that have posted here from years before do not lurk/post anymore. I'm sure there are still some but your autism is scaring them away. You're like alioto, but in text form.

Type A: 0
Type B: 1
hey op

you need to get out of the house more, meet some people, make friends

if you can
this. kys op

Type A: 0
Type B: 3

If ^this guy^ isn't one of the mouthbreathers who posted in here already, we can chalk up another Beta.
Type A: 0
Type B: 5

Type A: 1
Type B: 5
File: meme machine.jpg (50 KB, 784x960)
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If you actually come to 4chan expecting to see professionals, you unfortunately skipped a critical point in your development that would've made you less of a fucking retard.

Here's a picture of Donald Trump, since you asked so nicely.
File: eva face.jpg (67 KB, 480x505)
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>You're like alioto, but in text form.
it should have been gary

> your choice of hard drive is going to cause a bottleneck in processor throughput

Are you telling me this ISN'T the case? I definitely upgraded my laptop's HDD to an SSD specifically because it was causing bottlenecks..... HDD usage was maxing out with +2 second response times - CPU was chilling. I don't call that effective CPU usage...

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