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first off i wanna say that my English isn't my first language so i apologize in advance.

there are many threads going around talking about working in the industry and being prepared for it, but i haven't seen a major discussion towards the problem of over-saturation in 3D.

i under why someone would want to learn 3D, its friggin cool and fun. but how many of those newcomers actually plan longterm and want to break into the industry?
seems like for junior positions you need to have a perfect 10/10 portfolio (maybe im overshooting but you do need alot) and there aren't many companies hiring in proportions to the artists that are available (and plenty of them are good).
seems to me like the game industry is closing its doors and indie and self employed is becoming the new hot.
in freelance clients have outrageous demands but i can put up with that as long as it gives me work.
my question is, since there are so many good artists out there - is it even worth trying to break in the industry?
seems like the VR market is booming and that's where we are headed and im ok with that.
anyone care to give his thoughts on this subject?
If you're starting from nothing, your goal should not be to make it into "the industry".
the vr market isnt booming
not starting from nothing, iv worked in the field before, just not much.
Fuck the industry make your own rules and charge out the ass. It's the only way you'll survive.
thanks. i guess i need to stop being a pussy about it
Show your work

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