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File: HgotSLI.jpg (126 KB, 602x452)
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witch would be the best opition ?

buy another gtx 680 4gb

or upgrade to a gtx 1070 or 1080

would it even be worth getting a 1070/1080 over 2 680s for cycles and vray rendering and 1080p gaming ?
>GPU rendering

okay bud
depends on the cuda cores.
search whatever card has most cuda cores
cycles and vray support cuda
>hurr durr crap gpu render
That's not a very good idea. Some older cards have more cuda cores than current models, yet they are obviously significantly slower.

I switched from a 780 (2304 cores) to a 1070 (1920 cores), and it cut my render times in FStorm in half.
what cards are good for rendering? I got a gtx 960 2gb it does alright.

what's the ideal?
680 is equivalent to a 1050ti, so putting them in SLI is not going to get you near the same performance as a 1070 or 1080.
I dun goofed. Have 980, bought used 780 because COOOOOORES. It does seem to render almost fast as the 980 at least.
File: laughing normalsmaps.png (352 KB, 449x401)
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352 KB PNG

those are gaming cards. sell them and buy a pair of quadro M4000's, a pair of quadro M4000's costs less than a M5000 and is faster. M6000 is like 5 grand anyways. you can later on add a maxwell Tesla compute card if you need yet faster spedz.
File: 132162019581.jpg (22 KB, 391x343)
22 KB
>Not having one computer for gaming and one or two for rendering.

That's my goal one day.
save up a thousand bucks and you'll be good.
Quadros aren't really any faster for GPU rendering than the generation equivalent GeForce or Titan cards. For example current Pascal cards:
>Titan X 12GB - $1,200
>Quadro P6000 24GB - $5,000

The extra vram is nice if you're rendering huge scenes, but that price/performance makes no sense. And a Quadro M4000 is not even half as fast as a 980 Ti in octanebench. Nor do you get any better interactive viewport performance from Quadros.

Upgrade to a 1070. You'll want the extra vram for GPU rendering and the 1070 is the price/performance sweet spot for 8GB cards.

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