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Looking for someone that has 3DBuzz membership.
Basically you would do me a great deal of favor if you can find last two chapters of a blender course.
They simply don't exist on the internet,not on cgpeers not anywhere else.

Here is the link,I am missing chapter six and seven.

get a job, poorfag
I would if i could bitch.
Why do you think i come here begging like some idiot.
>how do you have internet
I steal it from my neighbor,reaver is god given tool for people like me.
>how do you have PC
Its $200 acer laptop that I was saving for 4 years,I live in eastern europe.
try harder
there are plenty of tutorials on youtube.
Not related to the topic at hand but thanks for the help.
There is a reason why i need these videos not a beginners guide or youtube tutorials.

You are not making any sense,I bet you are the same person that pirates zbrush and still shit talks about other people that try to meet two ends.
are you willing to give something in return?
otherwise >>>/wsr/ for requests
>are you willing to give something in return?
What do you want.
And this is not a request for that board since the specific nature.
This is not my first rodeo in search of content dont you worry ive looked everywhere.
>here is a reason why i need these videos not a beginners guide or youtube tutorials.

i been using blender for 2 years. i would be helpful if you elaborate.
Unless you prove that you can provide i dont have to explain anything beyond help a fellow anon out.
I am on a search for this for months now and I am not born yesterday so you cant make me stroke your ego for no reason.
I lived through forum days and not falling in that trap.
What I am doing is asking the community to which i contributed to help me out if its possible,if its not then tough luck and I will try my luck somewhere else like I did to the present time.
i don't have to prove shit to you aside from my will to casually help people that come here.

state your buisness or fuck off, we are not your torrent hunters
You didn't contribute anything faglord

You have to start with the basics, there's no other option
sure bud
Christmas bump

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