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Inspired by the battlestation thread.
What are /3/s recomendations for a tablet for 3d modeling/sculpting? Are the criteria the same for drawing and 3d or different? Is a tablet with a display much better for 3d?
A tablet with a display is obviously always the better choice.

I don't think a tablet's very helpful for sculpting. I used a wacom bamboo for years for drawing but I still like using a mouse for sculpting better.
I use mouse for modeling, cintiq 13 for sculpting, both in blender so can't say for Z Brush but I imagine it's good there too. 13 HD's still the smallest, cheapest cintiq, the size has been fine for me, especially with 3D.
>tablet not helpful with sculpting

inb4 you dont need eyes to draw
Mozart was blind and he produced some masterpieces.
Proving my point. You can draw without eyes, but 99% wont be able to do it.
yeah, sculpting with mouse is so fucking efficient.

BTW, I'm doing everything with pen/tablet, I'm a grapphic designer for a long time and tablet is like my hand extension
so when I started 3d I started it with tablet,
fuck mouse /D
>I still like using a mouse for sculpting better.
If mice could register pressure sensitivity like a tablet surface, I'd agree with you here (and it would be a godsend for Photoshop brushes as well). Mice and the current GUI paradigm were developed for graphic designers who created 2D content, and we're hobbled by this.

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