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hey /3/ - i know this isn't /r/ but i have a problem and i think you guys are pretty much the only people that can help me out. i'll greentext it for you.
>be me, high school senior
>last week
>into programming/engingeering/math
>just finish building 3d printer to bring in for my school's programming club
>i'm in fucking west virginia so everyone here flips shit about the 3d printer
>i don't know anything about 3d modeling
>enter: science teacher
>he says that in his class room there are lab tables with holes in them where faucets used to be.
>he wants me to 3d print him some plugs for these, because kids keep shoving things in the holes, and he sent me pic related
>i agree to do this for him
>week later, now
>he gives me a huge roll of pretty expensive looking filament for the printer and asks me how far along i've come with the hole plugs
>i've been fucking around with tinkercad for the whole afternoon semi-freaking-out trying to make a model based off of pic related

please if you help me out and give me a good model i'll paypal you a few dollars
tl;dr if you make a model like the diagram in the picture i attached i'll paypal you a few dollars
also yes the top is a perfect circle
Why did you agree to that in the first place if you don't know what you're doing?

pretty dumb desu
i know - it really wasn't even an agreement he kind of just pressured me into it... i thought it'd be easier :(
goto freelancer.com you will find an indian for a few bucks
this is how rape happens
Ill see what i can do op

alright op this should do

you are welcome
he meant a solidworks model with precise measurements. not some abomination with smooth edges.

you can use it as a buttplug. it would fit in nicely with that subdivision
lol I did use the correct measurements retard.
File: 1393346314515.png (17 KB, 500x300)
17 KB
Here little broth/3/r, the better product.
(pic unrelated)

Also Sensei needs to fuckin specify how long the hooks at the bottom extend out.

File: can you read?.png (29 KB, 575x285)
29 KB
>the better product
my handy dandy ruler says not
File: 0f4q09394380.png (22 KB, 474x496)
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Mirror modifier mishap, good looking out mate.
>No preservatives
>All natural flavours
>the better product
>using a mirror modifier
thats 100% unnatural flavors
here you go op

www filedropper com/holeplugger

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