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File: anger.jpg (65 KB, 728x600)
65 KB
>scroll wheel backwards
>camera zooms in
middle mouse drag up

camera pans up
>Install Blender
>It sucks

>install blender

>install 3ds Max

>uninstall blender

>uninstall 3ds Max
>install Maya
File: 1473866911201.jpg (23 KB, 308x417)
23 KB
When the graphic designer hands you an image that's 500x500 when you specifically said 512x512.....
File: 1482548033484.jpg (117 KB, 406x364)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>install 3D Coat
>can only sculpt Jesus
Pity there is no user preferences...

No, honestly, yes blender is unintuitive, but you can configure just about anything in it to your liking.
>install maya 2017
>WARNING: Arnold not installed
>Suck at 3d
>shoot self in head
>Hop onto /3/
>See Jesus haters in every thread
>Respond to them promptly
Model a dick to suck m8

..but don't actually suck it, that would be a sin!
>be 3D program
>happy you see people using you
>you give them all you have, they still have shitty topology and post 2 FUCKING THREADS FOR 1 FUCKING PROJECT EVEN IF THERES A WIP THREAD
Blender is good very good but that UI is a fucking mess... if they make something like Cinema 4d or 3ds max UI switchable holy shit tons of peoples would fucking try it... no no no no Blender dont give a shit we are special.
came to say this. not surprised. i wish they used gtk or qt so it would be easier to write modules and shit for it.
OP here. I haven't used Blender in 8 years. Wasn't complaining about a specific software.
ï guess my time is up then
just hit the snooze button.
>make funny thread
>devolves into software war

its never too late
>use photoshop

>no idea what i'm doing on this board
File: file.png (332 KB, 600x431)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>using the mouse wheel to zoom.
I like the Blender UI.
me too, way better than the old one and 3ds max

all that money in autodesk's pocket and they can't make some logical panes and drop menus
>install Moi3D trial on osx
>Really like it
>Instead of paying $300 I just delete the app and unzip it again because it's wineskin and all the files are contained within the folder, including those that track trial status
Think of it like the scroll wheel is pushing the ground under you backwards so the object comes closer to you.
Hey, faggots, is there any open source 3DCG? Speaking of preferences, I like to modify shit I use quite a lot so I was wondering

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