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>tfw you go fuck up your topology just because you are too lazy to edit the texture
File: Capture.png (56 KB, 604x394)
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I will Add a triangle(s) because I'm far to lazy to make new hands/feed.
Can't triforce


Inserting a triangle or even an Ngon at strategic points in order to aid deformation and/or edge flow is a totally legitimate practice:


But you're the kind of douchebag to whom that crappy drawing of a frog means something, so expecting you to actually know anything is a bit of a tall order.
>Hey thanks friend. (I'm the loser that posted the triangle.) I'm not op. Don't know much about 3d. Only 2 months in and still just learning it on the side.
Thanks for the fantastic tips and shit.
File: Capture.png (69 KB, 630x464)
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There's no reason for you to have a triangle where yours is though. You're going from a span of 6 faces down into just 5, and you're moving an edge that sits at the crest of a curve off to each side.

I'd have just carried the lines straight on up the arm. Delete one of the loops further round if the poly count is really getting too high, or at least make sure the triangle is in a less conspicuous place than, y'know - right on the fucking top.
>Inserting a triangle or even an Ngon at strategic points in order to aid deformation and/or edge flow is a totally legitimate practice:
keep in mind:
triangles will pinch
NGons will hang through
If you insert them on a case-by-case basis they're completely legitimate and make your life easy.
>modeling with improper scale

i just learned how actually important that is
>tfw don't use the graph editor out of habit when animating
>even when every professional says to always use the graph editor
>tfw it takes weeks to make something that should take days because manually adjusting everything
>it still looks like shit

I really, really wish I wasn't such a fucking retard.
I got angry just reading that.
At least tweak things in the graph editor, christ
File: 1481584380269.gif (1.81 MB, 393x413)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
>initially try to learn how to draw
>end up only being able to see mistakes but can't draw for shit
>"fuck this"
>learn how to 3D
>create my own models, rig/pose them
>check my anatomoos and take a screencap and trace
>already making $$ from a few weeks, making mediocre hentai etc.

don't know whether I should be happy or upset that I'll never be a tru artist
can't you fix it with knife?

Stupid sexy Pikachu.
What do you use to render? When i trace my models the perspective Always look off in 2D, any tips?
File: 1481973133281.png (792 KB, 822x1100)
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792 KB PNG
I procrastinate a lot, either due to fapping or browsing the 4 chins. My files are also always super disorganised.

1. Get an ADHD dianosis, because you have ADHD-PI
2. Enjoy that lovely Ritalin glow every morning.
3. Install Cold Turkey and block bullshit websites that distract you.
4. Profit.
can you link to a sample of traced 3d vs normal 3d?

I am only arch viz so the character side of things is all a bit foreign to me, I didn't know creating 3d models to pose then tracing was a thing. I guess it makes sense.

Anyone got some artists I can google? It can be porn or not porn I don't mind just wanna see good examples of it.

You don't need a complete character figure in 3D to trace from. Literally bunch of cylinders for limbs and torso and spheres for the head and joints is all that's needed just to get proportion and angle and scale correct. I'd bet that the more complete the 3D reference is, the more lifeless and static the drawing ends up being.
File: CTnTKJVU8AA3Pit.jpg (30 KB, 600x424)
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ADHD is a myth bro
>tfw guilty of this too
I find it so hard to read the graph editor when there is so many tracks cluttering it, and I can't get my head around the XYZ translations.
How do you animate without the graph editor?
I'm self taught so I feel like I'm missing something because it seems impossible to animate without it.
Personally I think it's better to use it only to actually animate big movements with graph, every other use should be for tweaking.
I ease in/out manually. So instead of determining velocity using tangents in the graph editor, I'll create unnecessary amounts of keyframes to get the motion looking decent.

This is usually hit-or-miss, with the added bonus of still looking like shit.
I see so people just use it like a reference for the correct 3d spacial stuff. That is pretty cool I never thought about artists doing that
Wait so you keyframe out the curves manually to try to attain smoothness instead of using the tangents?

I never did that because adding a keyframe inbetween a smaller space seemed to mess up the curve more than fix it.

I guess I see what is going on now. You primarily use the viewport and almost never look closely at what the curves are doing in the graph editor.
Odd but I understand now.

Yeah, but the effectiveness of dopamine re-uptake inhibitors is not.

Have fun at your Alex Jones appreciation society meetings and never experiencing a massive dose of extremely clean pharmaceutical cocaine every morning.
File: corbragemoor02.jpg (64 KB, 600x398)
64 KB

Way back in pre-computer times, comic artists who worked on Batman comics etc would work at a desk that had a drawer under it full of dozens of little clay models of Batman heads and bodies in all sorts of different poses; a head with batman frowning, a full body model of batman climbing rope etc... etc...

They'd then select the right model and attach it to a little jig that held it at the angle they wanted view it from and draw that as a reference.

Pic related.

Using Daz3d or whatever to generate an on-screen model for this purpose is just a technological update of this working method.
Fiddling with your dopamine system by taking a re-uptake inhibitor is a sure way to fuck up your brain.
And not only your brain.

Wow, so you're privy to some data that contradicts the very extensive trialling that methylphenidate has gone through which has established it over and over again as an incredibly safe drug?

You have no fucking clue what you're talking about and I'd bet absolutely zero experience of the drug or it's effects.

I'd put good money on it right now you're also a truther, anti-vaccination, believe in Chemtrails, and think climate change is a myth.

How did i do?
>Through the use of stereological counting methods, we observed a significant reduction (∼20%) in dopamine neuron numbers in the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc) following chronic administration of 10 mg/kg MPH. This dosage of MPH also induced a significant increase in the number of activated microglia in the SNpc.
>We found that chronic exposure to both 1 mg/kg and 10 mg/kg MPH increased the sensitivity of SNpc dopamine neurons to oxidative stress, based on a significantly increased SNpc dopamine neuron loss in mice administered MPH as compared to saline-treated control mice. Although the mechanism for this neuronal loss is unknown, a significant increase in MPH-induced activated microglia was observed; therefore, we hypothesize that an increase in free radical formation along with a concomitant neuroinflammatory response increases the sensitivity of the SNpc dopamine neurons to a later oxidative challenge. This conclusion is supported by a recent epidemiological study that showed that long-term amphetamine usage, which like MPH results in higher levels of striatal dopamine in the synaptic cleft, results in a significantly higher risk for developing Parkinson's disease
bonus points because this study demonstrates irreversible damage to dopamine producing neurons in the substantia nigra, the same thing that parkinsons does
most of the data around ritalin is mainly about the efficacy of treating adhd or short term behavior effects and not on long term neurological effects, it is an extremely under-researched drug and there is only a small amount of evidence towards it being either benign or neurotoxic in the long run, much recent research suggests it to be directly and indirectly toxic at higher therapeutic doses and especially if taken before adulthood

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