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If I wanted to simulate the glossy/ old look of Donkey Kong Country how it looked on the snes, what shaders would be most appropriate for it? Say, for instance, if I were doing an HD remake of the game with full 3d models instead of 2D pre rendered images like back then. What would make it look most accurately like it did in its cg images? I'll post more for references.
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Use the same software they used, obviously.
It used silicon graphics workstation, but what program on it, no idea, unless one came with the workstation itself.
If you wanna be autsitically precise then you have to go all the way

Incidentally most companies involved in the graphics side of things are still around so your best bet is to actually ask them
basic phong or blinn
Just use blinn, phong, or lambert for those objects
use a render engine that don't use raytracing or anything physical

that's about it. the rest is for you to decide
part of it is the lighting, not just using basic blinn/phong/lambert - make sure the lighting is harsh and a little blown out like some of these images
yeah that's the effect I was looking for. I think I understand now.
Back then, Rare used a SGI Challenge for rendering, and Iris or Onyx workstations for modeling and texturing. Can't remember which one.
Anyways, they used Alias Wavefront Studio for modelling, and the original models were made using NURBS and textured (occasionally. Models such as DK's used textures; most scene props used vertex painting)
I assume it would be very very easy to make models of everything. What I'd be worried about would be the massive Cease and Desist letter from Nintendo (they really don't tolerate people messing around with their intellectual property) or maybe even Rare (original game is still theirs.)

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