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Will posting my work on this board affect my job prospects?

(serious replies, please)
As long as you don't act like an edgy cunt then no it won't. Start shitposting about Jews and niggers and yeah it will
sounds like something a typical niggerjew would say
4chan is associated with the worst of humanity, I highly recommend NOT posting art here, as you're boss may find it and his jaw will drop to the floor, discovering their employee browses a chinese anime loving, alt-righting, donald "Hitler" trump supporting, shitposting, rape culturing, pro-lgbt diaper fetish tasting, "the hacker known as 4chan" pirating scumbag.

Be very aware of the normies perspective...
why does it matter?

your will to improve comes from competition in the market regardless of what you model.

if there was a desperate need for 3D artists you wouldn't need to have 6 different programs on your resume.
the key is versatility and patience
nah, I post here all the time
t. DAZ Studio Pro
I post other peoples work here all the time and pretend its mine. Dont worry, youre safe.

The vanity and naivety of this post are, to put it mildly, quite cute.

For this to be a genuine concern you have to believe all the following are true:

1. Employers (that is to say, industry professionals who are at a point in their careers where they are tasked with hiring someone) have nothing better to do and nowhere better to look than browsing these pages.

2. Not only must they be browsing these pages, they must be making at least a mental note of the images they see here (which is either sub-freshman grade shit or just bullshit that is completely irrelevant to the disciplines of VFX and CG)

3. You will reach a profile high enough that enough people will be regularly seeing your work that at least one of these people (your future employer no less) will see your work and remember it from the 4chan '3' forum.

4. The potential employer will actually be motivated to go and verify his suspicions by digging around on here to find your posts from months if not years in the past.

5. The potential employer will be ready and willing to admit, in a professional setting, among other professional peers, that he browses the 4Chan '3' pages.

You live a very, very, very sheltered life and you have way, way, WAY too high an opinion of yourself.

And yes, this was a serious reply. Seriously. The lesson you should take from this is to:





Pretty much this. Millenia used to post here a bunch and still got a job. If you think employers are actively browsing here, or reverse image searching 4chan archives, you're a little out of touch. Even with that, we're a 3D board, not a /d/ or /b/.
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A normie wouldn't appreciate those trips
You'd be surprised what kind of shit catches up with people, I knew a kid who claimed to have booted from grad school for bragging about plagarism in Reddit.

bit different. universities actively pore over reddit posts, and it's not anon. if they used the same account that's related to posts in their city, or their school's page then this isn't really a huge shock.

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