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I need you guys!
>in blender
>space hallway scene
>trying to add lights to the hallway
>use emission shader
>gigantic amount of fireflies
>what am I doing wrong???
Congratulations, you've just discovered why no one likes raytracing
Yeah I know :'( I'm not good with point or spot lights. And I was going off Blender Guru's tutorial on creating the space corridor. I have no idea how to light that scene
its because you are using cycles

use luxrender

use biased path opencl and you should decent results
also low lights equals more noise and longer render times

its best to make the scene as best lit as you can and then tone it down using the compositer later.
Thank you, I will try out luxrender. Where can I get it from?
just google the it and the website will come up
also make sure you go to the camera settings and change this to this
>everyone telling you to use Lux

Or, instead of spending time learning some other renderer that will give you problems, you could learn Cycles.



like what?
luxrender is far superior to cycles.
both lux and cycles are dogshit.

try render engines that were designed by real graphics programmers that had budget to work with.
Toy with clamp, reflection, and caustics in the light path tab in the render properties action. I too have had to wrap my mind around this and these seem to be the best paths to getting a clearer tender. Also... finish up the tutorial. Iirc, it ends up telling you how to go in and clean up the render.
Yeah I will, but I hit a huge fork in the road when I trying the emission shaders. Would increasing the reflectivity of the meshes help with the fireflies?
>Not learning multiple renderers
Andrew pls go away.

At least Lux kind of has an excuse. It is just developed by people who do it in their free time. But Lux is still better than Cycles
Not necessarily. Though it will provide more grounds for light to bounce around in the scene. Cycles does poorly in indoor scenes with low light. You could increase the crud out of the samples and still come out with fireflies for days. I would take the reflective bounce and other light path properties down a ton and slowly add back more of needed. Do this and add in your more reflective material. If you are wanting bloom or flares add those in post processing.
File: EngineRoomWIP4.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
What do you have as your render settings?

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