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Hey /ic/ I'm just wondering if anyone here has gotten loans to get their degree in animation and how easy/hard it has/had been to pay off.
- A fine arts grad who wants to get into animation.
Graduated in 07 never got a job been paying loans since theyve only gone up. They call my friends parents and my parents jobs looking for me. Id literally give my left nut to take it all back...
I graduated this year and all my schooling was paid for on loans. Mine was up in the $90,000-$100,000 range and I would have been in debt for the rest of my life if some outside forces hadn't happened. If you do decide to get into animation, learn what you can online and look other places beyond Full Sail. Literally youtube has a better education than a lot of places.
When it comes to art, don't take out a loan. At all. Ever.

If you really want a degree, then work for a couple years and pay for it yourself. Alternatively, you could spend a couple years improving your skills on your own and develop a portfolio and get a job without a degree at all.
i 100% agree

you don't have to go to school.
there are websites like days that serve as schools like cgcookie and gumroad.
you have a thing called "flow" and each time you finish you a flow you are given homework assignment. all the classes are taught by pro's that currently hold jobs and not some frauds at uni
Going to school to learn art is a meme. Only idiots do it.

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