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Help a noob out, will you?

I'm trying to make a character for a game I'm creating with UE4. I'm trying to make a normal map from a high poly version of the character for the low poly, but it never goes right. At first it turned out blank, only a fill with a single purple colour, but then I learned that I have to select both models to properly bake.

The problem now is that whenever I bake the high poly version, it adds parts of the low poly version to the normal map, ruining it. If I change layer, it shows up blank again, and same with hiding it.

I have a few pictures, might make it easier to understand. This is the low poly version.
File: SS2.png (227 KB, 1064x868)
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227 KB PNG
This is the high poly.
File: SS3.png (239 KB, 1070x870)
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239 KB PNG
This is how it looks like pre.bake when both models are visible.
File: SS4.png (67 KB, 267x959)
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Some settings. Only the high poly version has a material and texture, but that is where the normal map is rendered, so that is not a problem.
File: SS5.png (175 KB, 1066x868)
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How it turns out. You can see that the low poly interferes with the high poly.
just use xnormal
you need to use the shrinkwrap modifier and set the distance abit further

when its done baking just set the distance to 0 again.
I'll check it out

Do I shrinkwrap the high poly to the low poly? Because that looked plain weird, gives me even worse results.

+1 on this. There's no reason to use anything but xNormal.
Substance painter bakes things out quite well
Why did you touch default settings? Set Bias and Distance back to 0.
shrinkwrap the lowpoly on the highpoly
you have "set target" pick the highpoly object.

then set distance. once you are done baking set it to 0 again.
requires some trial and error with the distance
XNormal, while still good, is getting a little old and behind the times. I'd recommend Marmoset, Knald, or Substance Painter. They make the baking process way easier as you can review and adjust your results in real time.
I might try the substance painter trial, but it kinda sucks that all these cost money.

I tried, still turned out weird. I might have done something wrong, but it doesn't wrap correctly, some parts just stick and it looks bad.

Changed to 0, tried again, and it worked. Don't know if this did the trick, but it works, so I guess I got what I came here for. Thanks.
>some parts just stick and it looks bad.
you have to tick "keep above surface"
you don't have to use shrinkwrap too. you can just inflate your model by hitting alt+s in edit mode
It sucks, yeah, but at least it's not over $1000. Substance is a good choice, as it seems the industry is choosing that over Quixel (fuck me), and it'll introduce you to the world of PBR and various types of texture maps.
Yeah, 20$ a month isn't that bad as long as you use it frequently I guess. Not worth it for a hobby if you ask me though.
>not pirating
XNormal works just fine for his needs, and I use it in along wiht substance no issue. You can fix anything in PS in 3 mins
Friends don't let other friends paint normals.
Come on man, nobody is asking you to buy Max or Modo, but for fuck sake, don't be like one of those dirty sand niggers and pirate all your shit. At least respect the industry a little bit.

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