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How can such a good tool as World Machine have such a shitty interface? Looks like it got stuck 20 years ago... Thoughts?
The interface looks graphically dated, but functionality-wise, I think it works fine.
coding a ui is hard as shit with almost no tutorials

Same. It's just ugly, there's nothing actually wrong with it.

That said, it's been a long time since I've used it but I seem to remember the bezier pen tool being a bit of a wanker ...
Nothing wrong with functionnalities, except when you delete a node and you forget to press Shift, then comes that annoying error sound for you to confirm... What monster do you have to be to do that??

I don't think somebody able to code a software like that needs tutorials on interface. He really has a poor graphical taste. That's it. Colors are ugly, icons are ugly, text is bold and pixelated. Doesn't look professionnal at all. Sad.
yeah UI is shit but them mountains are a beast.

I wanna say that they should make a WM3 but I really don't know what else they can add. Faster algorithms perhaps
Make it a true and realistic landscaping software perhaps? Things like skies with clouds and water/ocean/river patterns, not only a terrain heightmap generator... Don't know if it's possible though...

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