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So I feel pretty comfy with Blender right about now, I have exhausted a lot of the tutorials on youtube and this has me left with a question, or a couple.

Are there any resources for Blender tutorials other than Youtube? Currently im torrenting a few Linda tutorials. With that, I would also like to ask if any particular 3D software has tons of easily available tutorials? Is Blender that software?

I mostly just want to keep learning and improving.

pic somewhat related. The latest thing I have made. I mostly use Blender for product rendering, but I of course like to make my own stuff for fun.
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Long answer: you'll have to move out of blender specific tutorials and go to more general 3d stuff, which Maya and Max has a lot of, it's just a matter of transposing what you see in those tutorials for blender.

Watch Maya tutorials which is what i usually do, and try to follow the techniques.

Learning a software is easy, learning techniques is what will get you hired.
>Are there any resources for Blender tutorials other than Youtube?

CGpersia, also I have a hard time believing you've exhausted every good blender tutorial (we really should have some kind of thread for them)

There's tons of tutorials (both paid and free) for all software (except Wings3D and softimage)

Also, you can watch tutorials for other software and adapt it to Blender.
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