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I got a new laptop, all torrents sites are down..
Please save me: Where can I torrent Maya?
why would you torrent it? Just download it for free from their website.

just get the installer from autodesk's site and you'll have three years use if you pinky-swear to autodesk that you're a student but, if you really want to crack it, all you need is the crack.

I mean, i have the crack for Maya 2017 right here, right now... but i'm not gonna give it to you. sorry.

but anyway don't bother torrenting autodesk installers.
google: maya torrent...
jeez... how dumb are you people?!
> if you pinky-swear to autodesk that you're a student

My sides. It's so true. I just DL'd Maya 2017 and when i entered a bogus learning institution that it couldn't auto complete, it asked if i wanted to add it to their database.

Now to hijack this thread; Why the fuck does space bar not open the previous viewport panel any more? Outliner used to be part of the viewport, and if you opened it, you could then use space bar to toggle show/hide. Now you have to manually click the side button for outliners to toggle it. If you change the tool menu, space then opens that. Who the fuck thought that was useful functionality?

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