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Sup guys! I'm writing to you from far and cold Russia. I'm civil engineer student 19 lvl.
Till graduation of my university I have 3 semesters.
I learned AutoCad and understood that I really like this - to create smth on computer.
There is two ways: 3D modeling and designing on solidworks e.t.c
Is it possible for me to be freelancer on european/american sites and get smth more than just money for food?
I heard about crazy underbidding on western sites where a lot of hindus working for a very little price.
So is it worth it or better I'll try to be planner/constructor and forget about work at home?
Hindus do shit work. You can probably beat them on quality if you apply yourself, it's basically how the west stays afloat.

What industry are you looking to work in?
Difficult question. The first thing that comes to mind it is visualisation of interior\exterior. Russian designers said that it's not good variant for freelancer.
I think that the first time I work better with something inanimate. Furniture\buildings\anything? Maybe even gamedev but later.
Start pack of skills for me is 3dsmax+vray+photoshop and desirable maya?
Stick to things an engineer would and can do, that way you can distinguish yourself from other (non engineer) modelers/ designers.
Games and Movies/media are highly competitive and talent swarms to it, pay might be better with more boring but solid engineering work.
Good luck.
Thank u for your advice

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