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How do i explain graduating in 2007 and still never getting a 3d job to an employer?

Ive been told (by very proficient fx artists on AAA game) im about good enough at fx to get hired.

How would i explain never getting a job?
there is nothing to explain, the job market is tough for everyone.

just say you freelanced/ working with your cousin
just make cool shit and post it online you'll get noticed.
Are you that person that graduate Full Sail and wouldnt post a reel?
fuck off.
Well first of all, you need to get that chip off your shoulder, Chuck, and stop being gun shy about showing your work. People are going to criticize you. Get over it. That's the industry. Some will be nice about it, some will be a dick and that's not exclusive to this cesspool we call /3/. If you're not will to compromise with that, and accept the possibly good or bad things said about your work then you better resign yourself to lifting boxes in a warehouse, buddy. That said, no one is going to care how long it took you to break into the industry. If the work is good and you can prove that you know how to work with a team and be cool with them, then it shouldn't be a problem.

I mean shit, no one is oblivious to the fact that it's tough. It is. This isn't the age of the N64 anymore. While technology has made it very accessible to do good work, the standards of the industry have raised considerable. We all get it. That's not going to matter though if you're just going to act like an insufferable cunt who doesn't want to show his reel for fear that someone might recognize or make fun of you. No one cares that you have a printed piece of paper with your name on it from Full Sail or the fact that some dude told you your work was okay. All that matters is that you don't act like an asshole and that the work is good. You've already failed at the first, so maybe try to make the 50% participation?

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