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Hey /3/ I'm affiliated with a very small team that's very interested in making a science fiction movie, heavily dependent upon digital animation. However, we are all lacking in the skill set necessary to properly render characters, animations, etc., so we are required to outsource for the assistance. If you would like more information, or are otherwise interested, please feel free to comment. Any experience you have, information concerning this type of media, or simple advice will be greatly appreciated.
I only use blender
I only use zbrush
What are your level of skill with these programs?
Let me tell you, you're off to a great start

The best way to approach artists is to start off saying you're a small team (implying no pay) and say you have no clue what you're doing, that really makes some ears perk.

It's also good that you haven't included any details at all about your project, people like a good mystery.

Gotta say there's not much I can add, it looks like you'll find your guy right away
What kind of skills DO you have, then? Making films is a long and painful process. I just did a 2,5 min full CG short and that took me 2 years in my spare time. That was without advanced FX, only basic modelling and mostly static objects. No proper characters. Don't expect people will do that kind of work for free, especially if you lack any talent besides being a couple of idea guys.

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