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How to make a cloud tunnel in Maya/Blender in the simplest way? Newbie here.
>pic related
>Render difference clouds in photoshop
>stretch horizontally 200%
>clean up the edges a bit to get distinct clouds
>export as transparent .png
>map to cylinder mesh
>rotate at set speed
>clone a dozen times and offset or reverse the rotation

There ya go
>Not using a 3D procedural texture
This will work but won't look great. You need volume for the light to interact with it properly. You could do this with a simple Maya fluid setup. I came across a thread on CGTalk a few weeks ago with a Maya file that looked kinda like this. With a bit of tweaking, you could probably make it look the way you want it.
I found the thread in my browser history: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=1110497
a blender version?
I doubt someone will translate that to Blender for you.
>make a cylinder
>make loop across that cylinder
>subdivide and fractal
>smooth model
>use a gradient map
>sample the shades from the image to the gradient map
>use a voronoi/noise map to randomize these colors
>adjust the values with mapping node
>put in photoshop
>play with levels, add saturation
I'm making a loop background and make lord kek appears before the sky. The idea was basically almost like this: https://youtu.be/b9NEmW5RiHc?t=59m40s
>christian anime

Actually that anime was from a Japanese cult on tier of scientology that believes in Hermes. My only interest is just the cloud tunnel effect for personal project.

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