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File: 3dstudentsin2016lul.jpg (47 KB, 885x614)
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>uk student
what sort of 3D models make uni's dicks hard?
using maya btw
any model

and we are not just talking about models. textures,shading,lightning and composition should be on par with your modeling

what unis you looking at?

for a lot of unis having /any/ experience in maya is a plus, though they dont care about it as much as they do your academic ability (where applicable) since you'll be taught maya from scratch anyway
got into one of Canada's top 3D/vfx schools
turns out they don't even expect students to know 3D, first semester was spent entirely learning 3D basics (they only taught us how to unwrap a prism in november)
ffs they didn't even introduce polygonal modeling until the third week
i don't know what to believe anymore
good ones you twat
definitely not this one
Don't go to uni for 3D (or anything creative related) unless you're a 1000% sure it's a good course. In the UK, at least.
Can confirm. I'm in Bournemouth Uni ("we are da best") and it's absolutely trash. Just torrent digitaltutors and get a Scott Eaton online course or something
(Samefagging from previous post)
My portfolio was pretty average and I got offers from Hertfordshire, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth University (both CVA and CAA courses). But the best part is that 50% of the students here didn't use Maya (or Max, even Blender) at all before.

You can get in if you're at least a little good at... Something. But again. Studying 3D is a waste of time and money. On all employment fairs guys like double negative, ILM etc if you're into that sorta thing say they don't care about your diploma.

You could get a nice online course or tutorials or self study but the real challenge is discipline. Now the uni helps a bit but you're left to your own devices 80% of the time. AUB is best with actual rigourous training from 9 to 5 or something every day. Try MET Film or NFTS as an alternative, they are more rigourous and overall pretty neat.
start with youtube
work your way up with advanced tutorials
after a year or so attempt signing to an intensive online course (artstation offers those).

and most importantly, assert your goals from day 1.
don't skip between specialties like i did, know what you want to be good at.
>and most importantly, assert your goals from day 1.
I wanted to be so good that I was burned at the stake for sorcery. Unfortunately I'm now working really dangerous non industry jobs
If you aren't going to Gnomon or Full Sail, there's no point.

>Studying 3D is a waste of time and money.

You go to Gnomon or Full Sail for the connections, for the networking, for learning from people who are actual pros, and to go from being a good 3d artist into a great 3d artist.
If you go to gnomon, of Calgary, is agree with you. The confections you make here are with peasants though
you on CAA or CVA?
caa cva?
seconded. we have 'world class' lecturers who know fuck all
3D have lots of fields
>Full Sail
CAA. I should have gone CVA imo
yeah you fucked up

first year CAA is garbage apparently, learn some python and some C/C++ then ask to change courses
Too late, year 2. I'm just making the best of my free time with irresponsible projects together with friends
I'm CVA year 2.

A/S/L meet w115 monday. xo
Don't forget vaseline
You better not be talking shit about the Vaseline, I'll find you, and i will kill you, today

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