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Need a plugin from a dead developer, Anyone with a cgpersia forum account can dl or link me plugin?

forum link /f20/cactus-dan-plugins-c4d-146376/
Fucking Based Cactus Dan. I use his plugins all the time.

>tfw the future of rigging in Cinema 4D looks bleak
There you go famalam

the future of rigging in Cinema 4D always looked bleak

Ty man, It's not showing up in my windows r16.
Is something else needed or is there another version?

Yup. One of the reasons I've just jumped over to Blender. Was considering it before, but CD dying gave me the push. C4D rigging is not great.
Sorry, I'm not a C4D user. I just grabbed the link, so I'm not sure what's up.

If it's not too much trouble can you search the forum for Cactus Dan and DL any cracked win plugin you find?
Will be very helpful anon, Ty.
File: breakfast_01.jpg (193 KB, 800x600)
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There's this for win R17 but missing fbx import/export according to one of the posts: /f55/cactus3d-cabundlepro1-5-r17-winonly-mus3-133389/

No crack required apparently.

And this, the fbx import/export module but for R15 it seems. Not sure if that will work.

He seemed like a cool guy, shame.
File: yjfgfryj.jpg (26 KB, 405x391)
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:O TY anon!!
It works and will be very useful, Shame not many guys like Dan out there, I dragged my feet too long when he was alive and now i have to money to buy his stuff he's gone :(

In return for your help you can have this filthy picture.

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