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Hey, can any of you guys help me out?
I am 3dModelfag/ student.

I want to start making 3d models and selling them to the gaming community.
Problem is, I am a student.
Meaning that my version of 3dsMax (modelling software)
Is a free, 'students not-for-profit' version and i cant use it commercially.

People have suggested learning blender however i dont have time to learn a whole new program + blender looks gay af.

What can i do to get around this?
Import into another program. Export as OBJ.

Rigging is now someone else's problem.
sell it anyway

but sssssh don't tell anyone you're using a student license

Then if you start making a shitload of money you can get a real license.
I thought that people can tell what software/ version you are using, in order to enforce that law?
You mean model in 3ds, then import into Blender (eg), then export from blender into where ever as OBJ?

Would this work?
I thought about doing this but wasnt sure if it would work.

Im going to start out with weapons.. since they are pretty easy to model a whole bunch of unique ones in a short period.
>Problem is, I am a student.

Then don't bother dumping your half baked shit for money?
Im pretty good at modelling + i emjoy it.
If theres money involved then why not?

Because if you do this exploit shit, the few assets you manage to sell will be literal evidence in case you ever fuck up and get caught in the future. You obviously don't believe in yourself enough to commit to ~185/mo for a license and aren't dedicated enough to learn a free alternative. Use your student edition for its intended purpose and come back when you're ready to be taken seriously.
Okay anon..

Saying i do t believe in myself enough to afford $185/mo is like me saying you cant afford a lamborghini because you dont believe in yourself enough...

Go back to your hole
No, dude. I'm saying you either put down the investment to get into the market (sell your shit, mow lawns, borrow money) IF you're confident that you can make a return, or you suck up and learn the free alternative.

>hurr durr i dont have time to learn blender

If you don't have the time or the attention span to learn a single fucking program, there is no hope of you commiting the time for a side job of supplying and supporting a commercial asset library.
export skinned model as .dae
import into blender
export as .dae or fbx


no one will care/know
File: triggered.jpg (16 KB, 320x371)
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op "blender looks gay as fuck"
>your clearly a fagot
>you just can't handle all of the buttons aron
>thats okay
>if you can't handle the skill
>then suck it up
>pay for your precious 3dsmax
>knowing that there are people making thing at the same quality with free software
>then bend over whilst autodesk rekts your asshole
If you can work in 3dsMax you can easily learn blender. If you want to do it right and not have the possibility of getting sued later down the road, take the day and a half it takes to get the hang of it and just use blender.

Suck it up, buttercup
this is how you do it
give up, no one is going to buy your shit
get off the tier of 13-16 year olds that sell html websites and fix computers in their bedrooms just to fuck up your computer more and steal your files.

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