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every 3d artist have that period when he gets absolutely stuck in a certain place and is not moving forward in terms of making good things.

one thing i struggle with alot is patience, i am not patient enough and i think others have that problem too.
care to give some insight /3/?
Can you draw and do you keep a sketchbook?
>Can you draw
>do you keep a sketchbook?

i save my 3d works, i have over a 100 or so
>do you keep a sketchbook?
thats your problem
I just did a fuck ton of lsd and 2 months later my skillset doubled
you mean your inner critic died
Sketchbook is a meme. There are a lot of ways to develop your design skills. Sketchbook is good but by no means the only solution (and it's useless if you don't know what to fill it with).
>the sketchbook is a meme meme
There are some very talented and creative 3D artists who don't draw at all.

I'm not saying holding a sketchbook isn't good, I'm saying some people preach it as an absolute necessity and that's stupid.
>There are some very talented and creative 3D artists who don't draw at all.
name one
Tor Frick.
literally who


Link for the lazy
File: 1.jpg (62 KB, 1280x692)
62 KB
fill it with dicks
>random sci fi garbage
I'm surprised you didn't go for the >muh bevel and extrusion
Also the art director of Wolfenstein:TNO, lol.

If you don't consider him good, what *do* you consider good? It's pretty obvious you're trolling but I'd still like to know.
literally what

>what *do* you consider good?
Blizzard games and art

>It's pretty obvious you're trolling
that troll meme again
I think you're making the mistake of taking subjective opinions and trying to present them as objective fact
blizzard makes the best games and has the best art. Fuck Im talking to some retard who plays bullshit fps like Wolfenstein tno
To each their own man.
whatever. Sounds to me like you were expecting me to name some other company and not Blizz
Verrocchio and Botticelli paint the best figures and have the best art. Fuck Im talking to some retard who likes bullshit painters like Raphael and michelangelo
I'm not that other guy senpai.
No fan of blizzard art but most there games are pretty fun.

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