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ok /3/

time for yall to tell what you do for a living and how much do you make

im myself a 3d generalist and make 700eu/month
any tips when looking for a job and expectations?
I literally made more at 16
Was it worth spending years of practice to make low wage
he's probably eastern european
thats exactly right. its considered high where i live
practice as much as you can, post quality content on social media and the jobs will find you
>on social media

you fucking kidding me?
gimme better plan
post on asocial media, such as linkedin and artstation
2500eu/month robotics
what the fuck is asocial media? are you trolling? linked in and artstation are social media also
its social media for artists. you want to post in places like artstation and polycount because only in those places you can get critique that fits your skill level. places like facebook have no artists in them aside from very particular groups and the level is usually meh

The obvious answer is post in both. Artstation and Polycount are great, but nothing wrong with having a healthy twitter/instagram.
biggest lie in the industry.

>the jobs will find you.
Instagram is booming more and more each day. huge for indie artists- always pasting daily.
well employers are not taking the extra step to look for candidates.

i can understand why. if a company personally offers you a job it means you have leverage
I run my own company with two friends and after taxes we all get about $2000 a month per person. We're saving a lot of money in the company however, and everyhing computer and technology related we want we buy through the company. Northern Europe.

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