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File: 3d.png (77 KB, 1024x720)
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I'm looking into getting a 3D printer soon and have a few questions:

1) How hard would it be to take a model like (pictured) and convert it into a printable display model? I have a stack of props and other junk I've done for various game projects.

2) Can /3/ recommend any good beginners advice/tutorials for someone looking to get into 3d printing? I tried the 3d printing subreddit and holy fuck I'm staying away that toxic circlejerk cesspit.

3) Is there much of a market in a technologically-deficient nation such as Australia for something like a custom 3d print shop (ie business that develops custom printable objects, could be things for cosplay use, or some furrys characters taking a dump or whatever, anything that people want that doesn't readily exist).
1) hard
2)you're being ignorant
3)you're thinking of making a shop without ever even printing a single thing m8
Normally I'd agree with you on 2, but fuck those people are unwilling to admit the flaws of 3d printing, to the point that it negatively impacts what people think of 3d printing as a whole.
Australian 3d man here
1. That's about an hour and a half of fairly relaxed modelling
2. Yea It's fuckin cringe
3. Absolutely not, literally everyone in my 3d Design course Back in University tried the exact same thing without success
Thanks for the heads up.

I heard of a few 3d print shops here trying to start up right out of TAFE etc but they went out of business within months.
I Guess even as someone as bias as you towards 3d, ask yourself if you'd really pay decent amounts of money for 3d figurines
I model bits and pieces for a guy who prints them for cosplay outfit commissions. he makes fuck all from it, if anything, so i don't take a cut and just do it for the enjoyment of seeing the end product i helped create.
I've done a bit of research into it and there really is no demand for 3D printing in Aus atm. It seems to be more true every day that if you aren't in hospitality, mining, or a trade, This country isn't a good place to work. I'm seriously considering moving overseas.
This because all cunts over here do is rip cones and do burnouts in twin turbo V8 commys

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