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Was wondering if adding more props to this would cause significant clutter?
I've taken advice from what some of you have told me a couple days ago and have moved the scene forward a little
Any more criticism to add?
Cheers cunts
If you're using a game engine (UE4 right?) you should expand the entire level and environment a bit more, like more hallway and room. Look at games that use this type of style, like Metro, Stalker, etc, and see how they include clutter and dirt and garbage lying around - Fallout included. Thanks for taking some of the composition off as well.
leave it as it is right now.

make a short video and add some dust particals or something
would be better than beauty shots with various shaders
i would either turn off those construction lights or have them angeled downwards a bit. At the moment they're just point at the lighting strip on the ceiling. Seems kinda strange considering theres daylight coming in from the door not too far away and the strip light above.
Also considering making the lights a bit more white / blue to give a bit of contrast with the yellow sunlight. nothing too much though, just a little.

looks really nice otherwise
This doesn't make any sense, why are they keeping all that shit in that hallway? Youd have to move a bunch of shit every time you come through
Makin it look like it's abandoned
The entire blue hinge along the right is coming exclusively from the Floodlight

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