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File: PNKRender7downscale.png (3.6 MB, 1536x1707)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
Made in Blender 2.78

Its hard to find critique, so if you have any questions on what i did and if i can do it better, please ask and let me know. I also plan on adding fine skin detail and making the outfit.
You should probably have textured skin to match the hair's complexity

Also, do you have all three eyes pointing at a common point? It looks a little crosseyed.
>You should probably have textured skin to match the hair's complexity

I plan on adding that through painting a bump map, mainly for the lips.

>Also, do you have all three eyes pointing at a common point? It looks a little crosseyed.

I do, maybe i have it set too close. Although, its hard to make her not look crosseyed with 3 eyes.
You aren't getting feedback because your image is boring (and also looks like it might be weird fetish shit, based on cropped boobs)

You don't need to be a blenderfag to watch this video on Composition (but since you are, fucking watch it):

shut up you faggot

Thank you for at least being blunt. After watching the video, i had at least thought i covered the focal point(the eyes) and a pyramid structure(model centered). I might tweak the contrast so that the hair doesn't steal so much from the face/eyes.
File: PNK_girls.jpg (345 KB, 1240x698)
345 KB
345 KB JPG

not a modeller anymore but there`s still a lot of clear room for improvement.

first of all like mentioned up, your composition/lighting/bg could use work, dont have pure blacks in there, learn 3 point lighting, get a better BG etc.

modelling wise the lips are pretty small, it's also hard to judge the shape due to the texture (note that there's a difference between lipstick and lip shape). the neck is too long and need a smoother curve. the shoulders/armpits are clearly too simple, are you going to put clothing over that? if you look at the ref models they have modelled lower eye lids, also cheeks but that,s more when they posed the mouth with lip corners stretched. oh and your eye lashes are currently sticking straight out, look at how they're posed on the ref, they curve out in specific ways.

dont know much about hair but I guess look into how to add the small extra fuzzy strands that stick out instead of only having the large smooth strands. the movie ones have a diff haircut (shorter hair that curls). the eyebrows need a revamp, it looks like they might actually be a texture only, else it's just way shorter hairs that are far far denser, at the moment they look like mini beards.

for texture, make the eye liner matte not glossy, and make it extend all around the eye (with much thinner for lower eyelid), make sure to add eye shadow color (and match the eyebrow colors to it). lipstick shader could use glossiness.

so anyway, just observations from comparing with the ref
just on your image,
>I think the hair should be more layered, since it is clearly going through itself, one tuft should go under the other.

>middle eyebrow should stroke downward in a chevron formation as opposed to outward, it makes it look like a mustache.

>and the shoulder bone need to either be moved in farther or be re-mapped since it's creating a streched/pinched point in the mesh

Other than that I think it looks great!
File: gross.png (931 KB, 847x449)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
EyeBrows look bad
Eye lashes look janky as fuck. clean them
The shoulder looks fucked.
Neck looks janky too.
Show wires.
Hey, thanks for reviving my thread.

I took nearly everyones advice to heart (maybe except the mustache eyebrow, but i lowered the hair count immensely). I even took a shot at a bit of compositing for this render. I could use an in depth tutorial on compositing(not the one linked before), so feel free to share that.
File: gross.png (371 KB, 446x368)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
Fix the lips. They janky too. She loooked like she sucked on the lipped sticker rather than applying it.

Would anyone have a decent tutorial/know how on how to make a good Lip shader? The info im finding is either very vague or outdated.
skin shader with more reflection.
Look at real lipstick and try to break it down

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