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I want to know if it has a decent quality level and if the estimated price is the correct one.



Samurai Warrior


Be honest. I need some money for personal expenses.
And if you are interested, you already know.

File: 9559b845df88.jpg (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
Too much
Seems a bit counter-intuitive that the (much less detailed) charmander model is selling at a slightly higher price than your realistic human model. You might be able to gauge good price guidelines by comparing to other models (as well as top sellers), but I'd say the charmander is too expensive right off the bat.

Also, try reducing the specular on the samurai's skin, or blending it with a subtle noise texture (to simulate pores), the material looks a bit too much like plastic. Hair also has the same problem, I'm guessing adding some micro-scale noise would help.
the samurai is well made but the materials could be improved, even in game

you should have picked unity for this. turbosquid don't get traffic like you think it is
you've posted that shitty fucking charmander before

You need to actually get skill before you start selling models.
Give me 70 dollars for viewing those pieces of shit. You suck
Keep it up bud. These are mediocre, but you've gotten 90% further than most whom take up this hobby ever well (models up for sale in the store).

Keep getting better.
I may put 10 dollars on charmandar maximum (the modelling and shading is quite poor).

The samourai, i don't know. The rigging seems really basic, i'll put somtehing like 40$ if the skinning is well done (put the pictures show ugly fingers....)
You know its illegal to sell copyright material?
File: Untitled 1.jpg (135 KB, 1198x962)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
its not. Stop saying things.

OP you're a bronze seller, which means somebody's buying your stuff. Look at your sales history and see whats selling the most. Make more of the stuff people are buying.

I will agree that the charmander is overpriced.

Pic is related. People are still buying this piece of shit I made 7 years ago. It sells so I choose not to take it down.

It is illegal btw, even free.... Look at the fan-games, fan-event that are canceled by nintendo (intellectual property)
Turbosquid was able to give editorial licenses to its creators. You can make practically anything you want provided that the customers arent going to be making money off your creation. OP is using the correct license for his charmander so theres no problem.

You should stop saying things.
You posted this garbage before and people told you to fuck off with the shilling. Both models look like shit, it's stupid to add smoke and ember particles if your basic anatomy and proportions.

I have lots of examples in mind where Nintendo send some layers to cancel free project with no profit. So even if Turbosquid authorize it, Nintendo may come to sew Turbosquid.

It is like youtube authorizing to upload illegal video or sound, even if it is for non-profit, there is some rules and intellectual properties...

It is really unlikely for this model but... still

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