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Just read the End User License Agreement and there are stuff I don't quite understand (about paying License fees to DAZ if they ask me too)

Is it only if I want to make profit out of content made with it, or can they charge me fees for merely using DAZ after downloading it for free
English isnt my native language so I have hard time figuring out their purpotedly tricky speech
"With the purchase of a license"

you still have to pay for it
the sentence under what you highlighted says it better. If you use their software illegally and are caught, not only will you have to pay them a licensing fee but now you have to pay the dues for court fees for both them and yourself.
So it's not free?
It's free as long as you don't make money with it. Though there is still all the other stuff, like models and scenes you have to buy.

Better to just download Blender and make your own stuff.
>Though there is still all the other stuff, like models and scenes you have to buy.

Saw the catalog, such a joke
One shitty piece of cloth is more expensive than Skyrim's DLCs

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