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I want to make some basic human loop animations (sitting, laying on bed..), I know how to, but don't know how to make them "natural" or how the person should behave..

how do you get reference for animations??

do I have to remake what I see on movies, etc? for a while i considered recording myself because I don't know what else to use as reference.
use porn as reference
I don't wanna make porn, just normal poses, chilling on the couch, etc. pls don't. I'm wondering if there is a database or website for animation references like there are for figure drawing
Most start-level animators tend to worry just about the joints when animating, withouth realizing we move our whole body whenever we do something.
Lol, I tried that, but these are static, I want to make animations. I even tried the "person sitting on couch" on youtube but there are only references for drawing, not for animation.

Yeah I noticed that. I'm trying to add at least a breathing movement. But then what to do with the legs, what to do with the arms, head, should they just rest somewhere, then everything ends up looking like robots.
>how do you get reference for animations??
youtube. or get up and try the motion yourself and think about what you're doing as you do it, failing that try recording yourself doing it

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