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I want this female model I did to look more feminine and sexy. I usually do male models and that kind of shows in my females but I'm trying hard to remedy that. Halp pls
Show less definition in the muscles, bones, and tendons. Make the chin a bit sharper and less pronounced, and push the forward in a little.

Also make that neck way shorter what the fuck
Push the what in a little?

Are you using references or anatomy references?

As you are making a ton of mistakes on anatomy.

You messed up the temporalis. No, sign of zygomatic arch. Inside of the eyes is wrong.

The chin is wrong.

The muscles on the neck is wrong. The clavicle spacing is wrong.

The ears are wrong.

The forehead of a women is very flat.
raise and pronounce the cheeks a tiny bit
File: Capture.png (358 KB, 1299x721)
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Hey friendos! It's me, OP, again! I used Hazardous Arts stuff as a reference this time and got better results. Didn't focus much on the ears. That's practice for another day. I'd still like some pointers on what could be improved this time around.

That's a whole lot better anon, good job. The biggest thing I'm noticing is that her forehead is very, very flat.
Also er cranium is very short depth-wise, and just very small in general.
You're right. Kind of felt that way too but wasn't sure if it was right or not. Thanks a million, my dude
The forward idiot. Everyone knows what the forward is. Bit soft in the head really aren't you?
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File: file.png (103 KB, 449x734)
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Made some Eyelashes and shyt
>doesnt know what the forward is
lmao this brainlet
give her big saggy tits and a raw salmon cunt
Duh, next step

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